Welcome to the #FTS blog

I was first invited by Chuck and Polo as a guest on their podcast, From the Stands, back in 2009. The two lifelong Alaska fans needed another perspective and it was the perfect time to have me, a Purefoods fan, on the show because the Alaska Aces were about to take on the Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants in the Philippine Cup Finals.

Back then we were bloggers trying to carve up our own niche in the sports world. After thousands of hot takes, we slowly gained a small but intensely loyal following. I think they appreciated how we talked about the PBA from a fan’s perspective. We talked about the things they talked about, the only difference was that we recorded everything and packaged it as a podcast.

Through the years, FTS evolved. We were lucky enough to be part of the New Media Factory where they gave us a chance to reach a different market on YouTube. The podcast is currently on a break but decided to put up a blog to start writing for fun again.

Chuck and I will still write for Sports5 and Polo will still be doing his thing with Slam but this blog will be for more personal takes on the latest buzz in the basketball world. We also wanted to extend our topics from Polo’s shoe reviews to Chuck’s Lego collection to my undying love for the WWE.

As always, on From the Stands, we’ll be talking about what you’re all talking about.

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