Back from the Dead: How Repent Saved My Soles

It was advertised as the greatest running shoe ever. For a person who does not run, that really did not mean a whole lot. However, it did not take a long while before I turned into an adidas Ultraboost fan.

When I first got my hands on the adidas Ultraboosts back in February of 2015, I think I wore them for the entire week. Little did I know that the shoes won’t be mine any longer.


Image from Nice Kicks


My dad and I wear the same shoe size. He usually buys leather and work shoes while I spend for sneakers. Sometimes he’d wear the shoes I leave at home, sometimes I also get to buy him a pair or two. My dad never demanded anything from me. He’d be more than happy to wear whatever fell out of my rotation but when he tried on the Ultraboosts for the first time, he used the dad card.

He asked me to leave the shoes with him and that was that. My Ultraboost experience was put on hold but I could not be happier for my dad. He’d tell everyone who’d listen that those were the most comfortable shoes ever. And as he turned into a senior citizen, cushioning was the most important part of a shoe for him. Having comfy shoes that were also great to look made the Ultraboosts a home run.

Because he liked the pair so much, he wore them almost everyday. From rain to mud to sand and stone, the pair went through a lot of punishment.

I tried my best to revive the shoes from my go-to sneaker cleaner (Jason Mark, which you can order online from Titan) to the different concoctions that I bumped into on Facebook (a mix of bleach, baking soda, vinegar, and whatnot) but nothing worked so the UBs ended up looking like this.


I know. I’m sorry I was not able to keep an eye on these babies.

When I was about to give up, Don Allado told me about a shoe cleaning shop called Repent, that he was opening with a few of his friends. I decided to give it a try and I was ecstatic with the results.

The process went rather smoothly as I simply sent the pair via GrabExpress and waited until they were ready for pick-up.


Sweet, right?

Because these shoes were done correctly, I expect them to last another two years. I actually thought about keeping this pair for myself and buying my dad new UBs instead.

I’ve tried other sneaker cleaning services before and I was not satisfied. I had my Concords cleaned at ColorWheel Serendra last year but they only cleaned the spots that I could easily get to myself. The upper and even the laces were not whitened. But I had to say that I was really happy with the service from Repent and I’ll definitely have more shoes cleaned there.

The cleaning and whitening cost me 900 pesos.

They even made things easier as they are now offering free pick-ups for your shoes.


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