FTS Spotlight: Demand and It Shall be Given

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post was submitted by OG FTS fam Joie, a fan of the San Miguel Beermen since 1993. To know her more, watch the video below. It doubles a quick refresher for the time when the Beermen were on the cusp of making history, coming back from a 0-3 deficit versus Alaska in the Philippine Cup Finals. Now, they have the opportunity to make history again as they gear up for the Governors’ Cup.

Demand and It Shall be Given

Written by Joie Huiso


I have always been a proud San Miguel Beermen fan.

Don’t make me start my story because I will take you back to 1993, where I first witnessed the then underdog’s loss against the Coney Island of Chot Reyes. I have told my story during one of From The Stand’s episodes.

Winning a chip is always an ecstatic feeling, and the Commissioner’s Cup crown is no exemption. The chase for the elusive ring has its own colorful story: from the top to the runner up, to the drought, to the frustration, to the choke, to what-the-hell, and to the want-hunger-desire, and finally the effing title back again after 17 long agonizing years.

I was there sitting somewhere inside the Smart Araneta witnessing history as my favorite team breaks its own record of having the most number of champions in the PBA. Believe me, if I could measure how proud I am of my team, I could probably break any type measuring tool.

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Colors and confetti were like strokes of light, adding to the already wonderful scene. The players were the paint that blended beautifully, reminding me of the conference’s games and how fluid they were. Each game was a depiction of deepening emotion, deafening statement, and dangerous desire.

And behind every win and loss was this great man. The craftsman and his band- who have worked hard more than you know. Them who made sure every color would bring out the best of the picture; them who checked the quality of frame that would hold the image; them brave souls gave you what you are seeing today. We have all recognized the growth, maturity, the coming out party of the players. But I, we, owe all of these to the man who holds the board.

Thank you, Sir. Thank you, Coach. You made a masterpiece. Thank you #KutsLeo.

(Editor’s note: ischreeeeeen)

You have made my forever young basketball heart danced with joy. Spoil us more, please.

No, I take it back. Spoil is an understatement.

I demand more.

Call me selfish, like what I said before, “I won’t accept a loss”. This time I won’t accept not getting the Grand Slam. Let us make this one historic season for San Miguel Beermen: Perpetual AFC Champions, Commissioner’s Cup Champions, and Governors’ Cup Champions. GRAND SLAM CHAMPIONS.

I can’t…I won’t allow myself to beg. For my loyalty since 1993, I demand that you give this to me!

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