FTS Spotlight: When Championships Are Simply Not Enough

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post was submitted by Arlene Tamayo, a San Miguel and San Antonio Spurs fan who never outgrew her habit of crying over her teams whenever they lost. She considers watching basketball games on television as father-daughter bonding. Arlene is a frustrated writer who’s willing to work for fried chicken. She took a break from her thesis to write this piece which is a horrible and outstanding decision at the same time

When Championships Are Simply Not Enough

Written by: Arlene Tamayo



Minsan iniisip ko ang hirap pala maging emotionally invested fan.

I don’t remember when I first fell in love with the San Miguel Beermen. All I know is that ever since I saw them play on IBC 13 and ever since I saw that poster of Ramon Fernandez in a San Miguel jersey, I have been a fan of SMB.

What I clearly remember is their campaign back in 2001 and where San Miguel was as dominant as ever. Favored to win a grand slam that year, I had my hopes up, just like any other San Miguel fan.

I was so happy to see them win against Ginebra. Siyempre Ginebra ‘yun; never say die ‘yun. And then the Commissioner’s Cup came along and they lost to Batang Red Bull, ending their quest for a grand slam and crushing my young fanatical heart.

Sixteen years later after that loss, I still distinctly remember that night. I was on the phone with my best friend, tears in my eyes, hearing her sobs on the other line, both of us crushed by the fact that they lost to Red Bull and all the hopes for a grand slam were gone. Sixteen years later, I still have not let go of my dream of seeing my Beermen win another grand slam.

Like I said, mahirap maging emotionally invested fan.

Anyone who has been following the PBA cannot discredit the fact that the San Miguel Beermen is one of the best in teams in the league. Winning over 1,200 games in its franchise history and with 24 titles under its belt, you can’t blame a fan like me to hope for them to finally claim a grand slam win after 28 years.

With all these achievements, and the recent championship in hand, plus the fact that Chris Ross won the Best Player of the Conference and Alex Cabagnot won the Finals MVP, bakit ko pa kailangan makita sila maka-grand slam?

Simple lang. Panahon na. May pagkakataon na.

They have cemented their status as kings of the PBA, but the caliber of the players on San Miguel’s roster makes me think that even if they were playing on another team, their talent and hard work would still eventually lead them to a title or two.

Hindi na sapat ang championship lang.

I want more. I want to see them become the heroes that they truly are. I want to see them become legends and be the same league with players like Ramon Fernandez.

And when that day finally comes, asahan mo, iiyak ako.

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