Patience Pays Off: My Yeezy Story


I’ve always wanted one pair of Yeezys. Yup. Just one. Because I know my limits.

First, the shoes are not cheap at P11,500 a pop retail. Second, even if you have set aside the money, getting the chance to actually purchase a pair is next to impossible.

Back in March, I was walking around Hong Kong’s Sneaker Street with Chuck when found ourselves inside a store selling only special pairs. They had Jordans and Foamposites and NMDs but they had a special spot reserved only for Yeezys.

I looked at each and every pair and turned them over to see how much each would cost. At the end of the row were the Zebras, the most expensive among the 350 V2s. The pair would have set me back about P70,000 so I put it down and accepted that I’ll never have that pair.

Little did I know that adidas was planning to restock on the Zebras.

I will not pay the reseller price for shoes. I don’t care how much I like the pair. I like shoes but not that much. 

However, I don’t mind paying a little extra to friends whom I’d ask to buy shoes for me abroad but not resellers, never resellers.

Because of that, I knew I had to put in work for a chance to get the Zebras.

The easiest, of course, was to sign up on the adidas website. The odds are always bad here so I also decided to join the lottery for Sole Academy and Commonwealth.

I like their systems now because you don’t have to fall in line to get an entry. There’s a purchase requirement for both but with no minimum so I just bought a shirt from Commonwealth and a shoe cleaning kit from Sole Academy.

The thrill of finally getting the confirmation that I’d be able to get a pair is an absolute thrill.

And when I finally got to open the box of my first ever Yeezys, the first thing that I thought of was that maybe this does not have to be the only.

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