Kicks on FTS: Crazy Explosive 2017

Carlo and Polo were invited to the Titan Trial Runs of the 2017 Crazy Explosive. they played alongside adidas endorsers and members of the media for a handful of pick-up games. 


CARLO: I was lucky enough to be a part of a small group that saw the first ever basketball shoes that featured Boost Technology of adidas. As a writer for SLAM PH, I was sent to Las Vegas to meet Damian Lillard and Derrick Rose and get a glimpse of their new gear.


I still remember the feeling of putting on the Crazy Light Boost. I played in the first editions of the Crazy Light but I was not a huge fan of the support it gave. It might have worked better for faster players but I’m slow and heavy so it was not for me. Crazy Light Boost was the heaviest “light” shoe at that point but I liked the support it provided. 

These became my beaters are I wear them to this day, three years on. That was my first experience with Boost in a basketball shoe.

POLO: My first Boost experience was with the Crazy Explosive Low 2016. I’ve been looking for the perfect basketball sneaker since I recently got back to playing regularly. For a couple of months, I was playing in the Lillard 2s. They were a solid pair. They gave me everything I needed in a basketball shoe. But I really wanted to try out Boost since everyone was raving about it.

When they released the Crazy Explosive 2016 in a low version, I didn’t hesitate. I went to Titan 22 to grab a pair in black. In my first game ever wearing the Crazy Explosive lows, I was completely surprised. It’s true what they say. Boost is life. It’s a totally different experience playing with Boost cushioning.

The Crazy Explosives are my favorite basketball shoe. That’s why when I had the chance to be part of the Titan Trial Runs for the Crazy Explosive 2017, I jumped at the chance. What was your first impression of the shoe?

CARLO: I might have to retire the Crazy Lights because I was completely blown away by the performance of the 2017 Crazy Explosive. 

The toughest part of using the shoe was getting your foot inside it. It featured a sock-like collar which makes putting it on a little difficult. However, you’d quickly understand what the tradeoff is. The collar allows your foot to move naturally while offering amazing support at the same time. 


There was a bit of the mix-up in the event as I ended up getting size 8.5 shoes instead of the 9.5 I requested but it worked out well as I was able to get a size 10 which was perfect because of the shoe’s snug fit. It was also made better by the fact that I and Polo were the only ones given the Solar Yellow pairs.

What did you like best about the shoe?

POLO: Obviously, the full-length Boost is the highlight in terms of tech. But what really surprised me was the fit and support of the Primeknit upper. You’re right, the sock-like collar made it a bit tough to get my foot into the shoe. But once it was in, the entire upper hugs your feet. There’s an internal Geofit bootie that makes keeps the ankle area secure and comfortable.

The fit is a bit snug. And you’ll feel the upper wrapped around your foot, especially when you’re not playing. But once you get on court and start moving, you won’t feel that it’s restrictive. The Primeknit has give in the sense that it will expand in areas that you need it to expand and it will hold down the areas it needs to hold down.


The fit also directly helps with the support. The Crazy Explosive Low 2016’s support were solid. .But the Crazy Explosive 2017’s support is unreal.  The asymmetrical lacing system keeps the foot locked down into the shoe. Your foot won’t be going anywhere. You will feel more secure making your moves on court because it’s as if your foot is one with the shoe.

What about you, Carlo? What was your favorite part of the shoe?

CARLO: As I said earlier, I became a fan of the Boost Technology the very first time I tried it and I’m so happy that adidas has continued to build around it. The Crazy Light Boosts only had the cushioning on a fraction of the shoe which took care of your heels but your toes might take a beating.

The Crazy Explosive 2017s had all bases covered.

POLO: The Crazy Explosive 2017s are my new go-to shoes for playing ball. In fact, after the Titan Trial Runs, I went straight to my weekly run and used them already. Playing in them is actually addictive because of the Boost and how good the Primeknit feels. The Crazy Explosive 2016 was awesome. Somehow, adidas found a way to make an even better shoe this year.

CARLO: I still love my Damian Lillard Crazy Lights but I think I’d be sticking to the 2017 Crazy Explosive on the rare occasions that I get to play ball.




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