Build your Game of Thrones Squad

So, Game of Thrones Season 7 has literally been fire.


The show has had some very intense moments since the season began. And I feel like it’s only going to get better from this point forward. The show is progressing rapidly towards something climactic. It’s clear because the characters have come come together and battle battle lines have been drawn.

How alliances are formed in Game of Thrones is one of the more interesting parts of the show. Because of that, the meme about forming the Game of Thrones Squad really intrigued me. If I were one of the show runners, how would I form my team that will rule the Seven Kingdoms?


The Leader – Jon Snow, $4


Jon Snow is the only one in the Leader Category focused on the big picture. While everyone else is squabbling who gets to sit on a metal throne made of swords, Jon is focused on the survival of mankind. Brooding aside, Jon has all the qualities of a good leader. He’s compassionate but just, brave enough to be in the front lines and loyal to his people.

The Magic – Bran Stark, $5


Bran’s been weird and hard to decipher ever since he became the Three-Eyed Raven. I was actually tempted to pick Sam because of his bromance with Jon. But Bran is Warg and that kind of scouting ability, especially in war, makes him worth the $5 splurge.

The Strategist – Olenna Tyrell, $1


Olenna for $1 is a steal! She’s a quick-witted, sharp-tongued badass that will keep the boys in the squad in check. She’s an excellent strategist with perfect timing enacting her plans. She killed King Joffrey and kept it all under wraps. She left Kings Landing at the right time during the clash with the High Sparrow. Dany ended up following her advise to “Be a dragon.” Out of all of the Strategists on the board, she was the only one that didn’t make a mistake. Her death was largely due to Tyrion and his “clever plans.”

The Fighter – Arya Stark, $3

The Muscle – The Hound, $2


Before anything, I just have to say that I love Bronn. He’s my favorite Game of Thrones character. So it pains me not to pick him.

But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pick Arya. Her fight scene with Brienne is what convinced me to take her as the Fighter. She’s a faceless assassin who’s just as skilled as one of the best warriors in the show. Can you imagine how Olenna would use someone with Arya’s skills?

I also just couldn’t break up a good duo. The Hound isn’t the strongest or the biggest. But throughout the show, The Hound has shown that underneath the gruff exterior, he has a good heart. After his death, he’s now fighting for the right cause.

That’s my Squad. I think I’ve good a good mix of “good” and “bad” characters. But in Game of Thrones, “good” and “bad” are relative.

I threw out the meme on Twitter and the replies have been varied and interesting.

Girl Power emerged as a popular theme in picking teams.

There were some that agreed with me that Olenna is a badass strategist.

I really thought that Dany with her dragons would be a popular pick as a leader. But Jon Snow emerged as an overwhelming favorite.

Happy that my Jon-Sam bromance gets to live through Sir Mico’s team.

Of course there were those that decided to use the $15 elsewhere.

TK’s first idea might be good enough to win the Seven Kingdoms. But his second idea was even better.


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