We started this passion project back in 2009. We just really wanted to get our opinions out there not really thinking that people would listen to a bunch of “fans.”

We wanted, but never expected From The Stands to reach the heights it reached. To reach the people that we did.

We had a lot of help along the way. The podcast was house in an old blog. Then we were shared around by Jaemark Tordecilla in his old blog. Mico Halili housed our links and helped spread the word. Adrian Dy gave us a huge break when he put our links up on GMA News Online to let the public know about From The Stands. The wonderful people at NMFtv took a risk on us and turned our podcast into an online video.

Because of all of them, we were able to bring the discussion of basketball the three of us would normally have and share it with all the other Philippine Basketball fans. We tried to elevate the discussion and had a lot of fun doing so.